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My Python projects

Here is the list of open-source Python projects that I am maintaining or contributing to.

My projects

Applications and tools:

  • Balbuzard: malware analysis tools to extract patterns of interest from suspicious files, and crack obfuscation such as XOR.
  • ExeFilter: a framework to check files format and to filter active content (scripts, macros, etc).
  • BlindFTP: one-way file transfer for a network data diode.
  • oletools: a package of python tools to analyze Microsoft OLE2 files, such as Microsoft Office documents or Outlook messages, mainly for malware analysis and debugging.
  • reScan: quick pattern matching in files for malware analysis.

Extension modules and packages:

  • CherryProxy: a filtering HTTP proxy extensible in Python
  • a Python module to easily generate HTML tables and lists.
  • install.bat: A batch file to ease Python packages install on Windows.
  • iodeflib: a python library to create, parse and edit IODEF incident reports.
  • Origapy: a Python module to sanitize PDF files (by disabling active content).
  • plx: Python portable layer extensions
  • pywordform: a python module to parse Microsoft Word forms
  • pyxmldsig: a Python module to create and verify XML Digital Signatures (XML-DSig)
  • SimpleConfigParser: a parser for config files without sections
  • tempfilemgr: a Python module to manage temporary files
  • xfl: a Python module to create and compare file lists in XML.

Third-party projects that I am contributing to

  • OleFileIO_PL: a Python module to read MS OLE2 files.
  • PDFiD_PL: a Python module to quickly scan suspicious PDFs and to sanitize them (by disabling active content).
  • pyClamd: a Python module to use ClamAV antivirus from Python.



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