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Portable ExeFilter

If you want to test or use ExeFilter on Windows but you cannot or you do not want to install a Python interpreter, Portable ExeFilter is a simple solution. You just need to unzip it in any folder on a hard drive or a USB stick and it should run anywhere.

OVALdi - an open-source local vulnerability assessment scanner

OVALdi, also named the OVAL Interpreter, is an open-source tool developed by MITRE to demonstrate how the OVAL language may be used to scan a computer for vulnerabilities. This article provides a few hints about how to use this tool.

How to display standard file icons in wxPython on Windows

A very useful recipe to display standard Windows file icons in wxPython:

Inspired from this message:

Does anyone know how to do the same on Linux and MacOSX ?

Windows Offline Update tool

Updating Windows machines which are not connected to the Internet has always been an issue, especially when it is a new install and there are dozens of security updates to find, download and install.

Torsten Wittrock (formerly Heise Security) has published a very handy open-source tool to make all the process (almost) easy, called "WSUS Offline Update".

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